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Movember and Pringles are popping open important conversationsImage by: Pringles
Image of Mr P with a QR moustache
6 October 2023

Movember and Pringles are popping open important conversations

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The past couple of years have been tough, no doubt about it. We have all faced challenges, and lots of us have struggled. Maintaining relationships, communicating and connecting with each other is more important than ever.

That’s why we have teamed up with Pringles again in Germany to help start more meaningful conversations. Even if it feels a bit awkward, we need to check in on our friends, family and partners – especially if we think someone might be struggling.

It can be hard to always know where to start or what to say, that’s where Movember Conversations comes in.

Movember is proud to be partnering with Pringles, as we know that Pringles as a brand believes that paying attention to your friends’ mental wellbeing and regularly checking in can help everyone feel more supported.

Pringles mission is simple: they want to encourage everyone to check in on their friends. After all, it is a product made for sharing. And sharing is caring.

Here’s to more important conversations with the men in your life.