Man surfing a big wave holding an inflatable moustache above his head
12 ways to bring in donationsImage by: Movember
Man surfing a big wave holding an inflatable moustache above his head
3 October 2022

12 ways to bring in donations

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Each year, our awesome Mo’s come up with brilliant ways to raise much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health.

The most famous method is to Grow a moustache. Or you can pledge to Move 60km in a month. You can also Host an event to raise funds and connect with your community. Or why not try to Mo Your Own Way? This is for those ideas that make everyone ask, “you’re doing what?!” Remember you don’t need to stick with just one. You can Grow and Move, Move and Host or Host & Mo your Own Way. It’s up to you.


More than just follicles on your face, your moustache is a ribbon. It grants you the power to remind people of the importance of men’s health, and urges them to take action and donate. Here are 3 ways to up the ante and raise more for men's health:

  1. Download the Movember App  Take a daily photo and share your progress using our built in GIF creator. Create and share videos and use our filters to splash your moustache all over your social media.
  2. Dye it – Nothing gets more attention than a pink or purple Mo. Want to raise more? Offer to dye it in colours you hate for extra donations.
  3. The keeper – not everyone’s a moustache fan. So what happens if you announce that you plan to keep yours? Maybe it’s an opportunity to get donations to shave it off.


How you run or walk your 60km is up to you. Those 60km are for the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour globally. Here are some ways to maximise your Move donations:

  1. Move multiplier – ask your network to pledge a donation amount for every km that you move. If you can get five people to pledge €1 per km, that’s €300 raised.
  2. Move FM – share daily Move playlists for extra donations.
  3. Take it on as a team – divide the 60km up between friends or colleagues so you can all ask your networks for donations. It's also a great opportunity to check in with each other.


Whether you’re hosting in person or online, get going with these ideas:

  1. Mo Quiz – we made a quiz for you to use. Adapt it for your team if you like, offer prizes, and ask for donations to enter.
  2. Mo-lympics – organise a tournament or day of ‘athletics’ with donations to enter. Offer prizes for the winners.
  3. Movie Night - set up the screen, provide drinks and ask friends to make a donation to save their seat at your very own film screening.


Mo Your Own Way is an open-ended invitation to test your limits in the name of men’s health. Whether it’s a gruelling test of physical endurance or a not-so-sweaty pledge to kick a bad habit – it’s whatever Mo Your Own Way means to you. Here’re some ideas to get your imagination flowing:

  1. Give it up– get sponsored to give up caffeine, sugar or alcohol for the month. Fine yourself when you fumble. You’ll raise funds and improve your health at the same time?
  2. Create your own epic challenge – a 24hr workout, a mountain climb or running a marathon. Choose your own challenge in the name of men’s health
  3. Hairy handlebars – dust off that saddle and create your own cycling challenge.